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Why Choose A Digi-Book?

Digi-books is a hybrid digital book publishing format that is adapted to digital learners. “I love to learn but I do not like to read,” is a common statement heard among students in higher education. Digi-books was developed to address the changing learning preference of digital learners so that students will purchase and read this new book format.



  • "The Digi-book concept is fresh and inviting. Readers still have their text, oral learners have their video and interactive links, and everyone wins. Different on-ramps to learning and exploration quickly multiply as different senses are engaged. WE live in such an increasiingly orality-friendly world, I believe the Digi-book concept will take off."

    - Mark S.

  • “I have used many different tools to prepare for evangelism and this is the best tool for engaging others."

    - Kevin Y.

  • “Instead of playing other card games with my friends, we have found this game motivating us to read the Bible and tell stories with friends at school and work.”

    - Austin B.

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  • Interactive Content

    Read, watch, and engage with the book content, authors, and other readers.

  • Learning Community

    Each Digibook has its own online community where you can interact with the author(s) and those reading the book. If you want to go deeper into the content, you can!

  • Backed By Research

    According to our own internal research, students retain 50% more of the material when it is presented according to the digit-oral pedagogy.