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Welcome to Digi-Books – the learning method of choice for our generation.

Why Choose a Digi-Book?

Digi-books is a hybrid digital book publishing format that is adapted to digital learners. “I love to learn but I do not like to read,” is a common statement heard among students in higher education.

In fact, research shows that in the last nine years, students went from 42% to 62% preferring oral learning over print learning.

Digi-books was developed to address the changing learning preference of digital learners so that students will purchase and read this new book format. Utilizing a hybrid publishing format that is attractive to 21st century learners, this publishing approach addresses the problem of declining book sales.

  • Learn at your own pace: dive deep into a chapter, or read a book quickly.
  • Videos, images, and other content to make reading engaging and enjoyable.
  • Interactive discussion with the author and other students.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Digi-Book cost to buy, and to create?

Purchasing a Digi-Book is a one-time payment of only $19.99.

If you are interested in having a Digi-Book created for you, please send us a message to receive a free informational PDF with various pricing options.

What is the process to produce a Digi-Book?

Due to Dr. Moon’s inside contacts with authors and students, he will identify authors, and train them in the design of a digi-book. The typical book will contain ten chapters, requiring ten summary videos and manuscripts. The book manuscript must be copyedited prior to submission. If assistance is needed, Digi-books will contract this out and charge the author.

Dr. Moon can animate and train the authors for the authors send a completed manuscript with videos to Josh who then edits them for a digit-oral audience. The editing requires inserting images and perhaps other features (e.g., motion graphics, infographics). Roman then converts the manuscript to an e-publishing format and integrates the pieces in order to produce the digi-book.

Who is the team behind Digi-Books?

Digit-oral Design Manager: Dr. Jay Moon is presently an Associate Professor at Asbury Theological Seminary and a student in the Howard Dayton School of Business MBA program at Asbury University. He learned about oral learning through living in Africa for nine years. Since obtaining his PhD in Intercultural Studies eleven years ago, he has been teaching graduate students and conducted research on their learning preference. He has published several articles and book chapters on this topic and given several presentations to students and faculty. Dr. Moon has conducted consultations for two seminaries and is preparing to consult with two more in the near future. The topic of digit-oral learners has received a welcome response among professors and students across the country; therefore, they have encouraged the development of Digi-books for course texts. Due to his unique access to theological authors and students, Digi-books will focus on this sector of higher education initially. He resides in Nicholasville, KY.

Multi-media Manager: Joshua Moon oversees the video production and editing. As a student (junior year) in Media Communications with a minor in Business at Asbury University, he has entrepreneurial skills demonstrated by his awards at two business competitions at Asbury University & Seminary, resulting in the launch of two small businesses. He quickly identified with the digit-oral learning preference and provides the multi-media capabilities to adapt to this approach.

Internet Technology Manager: Roman Randall is the IT manger who embeds/integrates the video and blog within the book manuscript. He is the Founder of Summit Digital Marketing, a digital marketing agency specializing in search engine marketing. His business expertise focuses on IT design and applying digital technology for marketing. His marketing internet capabilities provide what is needed for Digi-books to place advertisements based on customer online search patterns and interests.